Watch The Traveling Banner as it goes around the world.

If it shows up at your Installation….

  • Take a picture of your PWOC ladies around it
  • Sign the Installation PWOC Name on it,
  • Contact another Installation PWOC and send it to them to do the same.

When you’re done, email the picture to The Hub and we’ll post it here.

Change The World Banner

Instructional Letter

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It started at Fort Benning, Georgia

Fort Benning, Germany Thumbnail


Then, it went to Germany

    Ramstein Germany Thumb      

     Wiesbaden                     Baumholder                   Ramstein                        Ansbach                           Hohenfels                     Grafenwoehr

It hit Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and England

Vicenza  Naples thumbnail  Sigonella thumb  Shape thum  Aviano Thumb  Brunnsum PWO

_______Vicenza                           Naples                      Sigonella                        Shape                                Aviano                        Brunnsom

Lakenheath, England
RAF Mildenhall AFB, England

It passed by Korea

  Youngsan  Camp Casey Korea  Osan AB PWOC  Camp Humphreys PWOC
            Yongsan                   Camp Casey                      Osan AB                  Camp Humphreys

It stayed a while in Japan

Yokosuka, Japan  DSC_2096

  Yokosuka                    Camp Zama

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