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Children’s Ministry Curriculum Resources

from PWOC ladies

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Parenting Resources

by De’Etta Goecker
(from a parenting Workshop in former PWOC Asia Region)

1“These are resources that have blessed our family; we don’t agree with each word in every resource. There are many other wonderful resources on the market. This list is not exhaustive – it includes resources we’ve used and share most often with others. I am not an Amazon affiliate – links are provided for your ease of shopping and reviewing.”                 De’Etta Goecker


As you read through the Bible this year, mark any passages with a “P” that you think could relate to how you parent. Keep a journal to make a list. You’ll be amazed and your parenting may even by revolutionized. Start with Proverbs if the idea of the entire Bible is daunting. Look for more than “rod” verses…..let the Word shape your vision of parenting. For instance Pr. 28:13 is not a “parenting” verse but has impacted my parenting greatly. Personally studying the Word will give you a filter to process other authors through. Let the Word shape your parenting, and then take joy when others confirm what God has spoken to you.


The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ’s Example in Reaching the Hearts of our Children – Sally Clarkson
The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity – Sally Clarkson
Desperate: Hope for the Mom who Needs to Breathe – Sarah Mae; Sally Clarkson – illustrates mentoring as well
Parenting is Heart Work – Dr. Scott Turanksy & Joanne Miller, RN, BSN
Power of a Praying Parent – Stormie Omartian


Grace Based Parenting – Dr. Tim Kimmel
Heartfelt Discipline – Clay Clarkson – Due to be republished in 2010, check at Whole Heart Ministries for updates
Making Children Mind without Losing Yours – Dr. Kevin Leman
Our 24 Family Ways – Clay Clarkson train with principles rather than rules/devotional , chart

“I’ve been asked why I left “spanking” out of our workshop. In a nutshell: I believe God has a LOT to say about many varying tools of discipline (training) in the Word. We’ve allowed one tool to become our focus and that is not healthy. I figured you’d all thought of this tool on your own and wanted to broaden our perspective.”

“Vision for 12 – 19 year olds ”

Age of Opportunity – Paul David Tripp
Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations – Alex & Brett Harris
Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why it Matters – Josh Harris (Great book on orthodoxy theology for adults as well as youth, but ours will read this in their Jr/High School years)
The Myth of the Teenager – Michael Platt
Right From Wrong Resources at Josh McDowell Ministry


Family Life (Parenting, Marriage etc)
Focus on the Family (Parenting, Marriage etc)
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers ) Resources, ideas, check & see if your base/PWOC hosts a MOPS group
National Center for Biblical Parenting (weekly emails, articles etc)
Whole Heart Ministries – Homeschool family, but sound teaching and wisdom for all

“Bible Study Resources”

Discover 4 Yourself – Inductive studies for the books of the Bible written for 8 – 12 year olds – free chapter download
Precept Studies – We use these with our youth to teach how to use various Bible study tools and to teach the discipline to dig truth out of the Word. There are studies geared to “teens,” as well.

“My heart is that each woman spend time in the Word, on her face with God, and hear clearly God’s plans and mode of best mentoring EACH of her individual children. I pray that we catch a vision for our children and that we carry them into His presence. God bless you as you partner with God in raising this next generation.”

Parenting Resource in printable PDF

Teens – Created as a partnership with Club Beyond and American Bible Society – and would be a valuable asset as you support service members and their families. – As passionate about ministry as you, we just happen to make apparel.