Check out a website recommended to me with a military ministry, Rough Cut Men.

On their rough cut military men page, they say this about their vision…..

“Over the past six years, God has continued to refine the vision of “Rough Cut Men”.  Our goal has always been to “de-isolate” men by using Hollywood action movies, real world current events, personal testimony and Biblical Truth.  Once a guy no longer feels as if he is the only one struggling, the doors to authentic and transparent friendship are opened.

God has burdened us with a heart for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, and we believe it’s time to execute a solid battle plan to bring suicide in the military to a grinding halt.  Depression is cited as the primary cause of suicide, and isolation and hopelessness are both key causes for depression.  Eliminate the isolation, bring the Hope of Jesus into key friendships and we believe that the suicide attempts become an issue of the past.”

Check it out!  It might be a good event to recommend to your Chaplain at your Installation.