Feel free to add further requests to the LORD.

Father in heaven,

We praise you for being the creator of all things. We praise you for NEW. NewTheme Contest PWOC 2014 tilt
covenants, new songs, new hearts, new beginnings, and making all things news.
Thank you for giving PWOC women around the world a meeting places to seek
you as the Body of Christ who desires to follow you in how you desire to move
the body especially those who share common experiences in military
communities in local PWOC groups.

Thank you that PWOC is and has always been God empowered. Father empower
us as the women who attend PWOC to come seeking You with all our heart, mind,
soul and strength. Give us eyes to see what you are doing.

Thank you that PWOC is and has always been Christ centered. Thank you that in
the beginning was the Word and Word become flesh (Christ) and Christ is our
head. May it be so in this gathering place @ The Hub at PWOC; women who
encourage others to grow spiritually within the body of Christ and specifically
those in our military communities and those our military communities touch.
Renew our minds to know you and be known by you.

Thank you for the gift of your Spirit and that PWOC is and has always been Spirit
led. Thank you for not leaving us alone. Thank you for your heart to speak to ALL
of your people from Moses to Pentecost and still today. Give us ears to hear your
spirit and hearts to follow your leading.

Father, thank you that you have not abandoned the men and women of the
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard communities. Thank you that you
place believers together and connect us via social media to seek and be
strengthened by you. Thank you that PWOC has and is still recognized by our
local Chaplains who have and always will be the final authority as to what
happens at local Chapels. May you be glorified. As fellow sojourners may we
submit to you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My heart is stirred by a noble theme
(STIR OUR HEARTS LORD) as I recite my verses for the king; (BRING YOUR VERSE
TO OUR HEART AND MIND LORD) my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. (MAY

In Jesus Christ’s Name.