One New Thing – global collaboration in the Body of Christ!

Here is what you said about the benefits of a shared theme:

• Global movement of God
• A Father’s Heart
• “Causing a stir” by wearing the same t-shirt in commissary
• Unity is biblical principal theme supports
• Focus helps us concentrate efforts in prayer, study and action
• Continuity/Sisterhood for during PCS moves
• Being identifiable
• Having weight or power as we move together against the forces of darkness as God directs
• Truth that stirs causes change
• Creates a sense of HIStory. What has gone before, happening now and where headed
• To know God and fully be know by God in that theme provides deeper growth
• Theme is like learning a foreign language. You are immersed in that attribute, principal or character of God all year and in every facet of living.
• Kingdom collaboration
• Familiarity and sense of home.
• A group identity that spans the globe
• Opportunity to develop through collaboration other practical resources.
• Don’t have to reinvent the wheel
• Collection of collaboration practical resources on one theme can be encouraging, helpful, and inspiring to groups are the global large or small, struggling or healthy.
• Shared experience
• Springs up from the Body
• Speaks volumes to the Chaplains.
• Here is what you said about the key elements of a noble theme:
• Based on a Scripture that has supporting passages in old and new testament.
• Simply and catchy – easy to remember.
• Based on a basic Christian truth
• It should be applied to four aims: Lead, Teach, Develop and Involve
• Profound, beneficial and winsome
• Relevant to military life now
• Easily understood with ability to be developed further
• Motivational, convicting, inspiring, memorable (mentally, artistically, graphically)
• Pressed upon our hearts and turned back to God in order to worship Him in word and deed
• Based on Core Protestant beliefs not denominational dogma (Truths that bind not divide)
• Actionable
• Inspired by prayer and worship.
• Seeking him for this season
• Hear affirmation from LORD by Holy Spirit speaking to hearts of women around globe

Pray for the next step….

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