Good Morning Ladies!
What a wonderful journey we have taken already.

We have brainstormed and God has narrowed our attention to seven areas.

God’s heart has always desired to speak to his creation. Even after Adam and Eve ate from the tree
God spoke to them. In fact the reason they hid is because they HEARD him coming. God wanted to
speak to his people when they came out of slavery after 400 years, but instead they were afraid and
sent Moses up to the mountain to LISTEN and tell them what he said. At Pentecost 3,000 people
heard him speak in their own language. And as 1 Peter 2 tells us we are living stones, being built
into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood. And he wants to speak to his bride now!

As we move to selecting the ONE THING God would have us develop into a theme PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.          Read the list, walk away, PRAY, and wait for Him to speak to your heart.

Considering your responses to the list of what you saw, which of the topics below best summarizes a new thing that God is doing?

Voting Closed in 24 hours.  Tomorrow morning we start processing again.