We asked you to pray, seek the LORD and follow the Holy Spirit and you did!
The focus for the Hub Theme development for 2014-2015 is

Loving Others Like Christ


Here’s a reminder of your brainstorming for a noble theme….

Now, we press in toward the prize with prayer and fasting. Again, our hope is that global collaboration will express HIS heart, HIS voice, and HIS theme and trust the Holy Spirit to work.

This part of the process will be open for brainstorming for 48 hours.

1. Read the focus, pray and fast.
2. Search the Scriptures’ as you pray and fast to see where the Holy Spirit arrests your attention.
3. Take the Scripture and see if you can answer yes to a “majority” of the key elements of a noble theme. If no, start at Step 1 again. If you have multiple Scriptures’ continue Step 1-4 until you have just one. This list was established by you earlier in the process. The list can be found below.
4. POST the Scripture to the comment section of this post on the Hub FB page.

In case you can’t remember…

Key Elements Checklist                  Processing Timeline

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