The Scripture brainstorming provided us with a 360 degree view of Scriptures that expressed the
heart of the theme focus.  We looked at the Word in WHO, WHY, HOW TO, and WHAT is loving others
like Christ.

The tagline approach has produced a similar result. Every supporting ligament taking a position in the body to reveal a beautiful picture of the fullness of Christ.

 Here are some ways you approached the development of a tagline:

  1. Linked an element of the Scripture to a need.
  2. Honed in on a promise of God.
  3. Used single words (in two and threes) to highlight the outcome of the passage
  4. Used questions to invoke discovery.
  5. Restated key words as a call to action
  6. Used a clear and clever phrase to capture meaning.

THANK YOU for reading the Word, praying, fasting, and listening to the LORD. You have captured the essence of His heart.


PRAY and FAST. They are not steps, a given in seeking and discerning Him.

  1. Download the brainstorming list. Read. Ponder. Pray.
  2. Reread Ephesians 4 and 5.
  3. Review the key elements and benefits of a noble theme.
  4. Review the instructions for the development of a tagline.
  5. Ponder the Scripture in context of the full counsel of the Word.

Does it capture essence of the Scripture? Does it reflect God’s character, attributes, promises,..?

Remember some practical concerns:

Is it memorable?  Is it clear?
Is it short?  Is it believable and original?
Does it add meaning/understanding?
Is it appealing?
Does it reflect who we are – PWOC -Protestant Women Of the Chapel?

Pray again, listen and post ONE tagline to the comment section by Friday morning.

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We will reveal