As the call goes out to graphic designers (keeping spreading the word) with the basic instructions for logo design, over the next few days we will highlight some important specific details that pertain to logos, videos, music……

The Hub at PWOC will provide a final checklist to assist graphic designers to submit a logo that is usable.

Two elements to consider: Is it legal? Is it easy to use?

1. Legal?

There are many questions that arise when using images, songs, … especially in the
realm of ministry and on the internet. If it is on the web who owns it? Can I use it? Can I
make changes to it? Can I copy an idea, thought, picture, song…all important and good
questions to consider not just for integrity, but legality?
Here are two resources that might be helpful to understand the basics of using
images, music, video…:

Both are taken from which is “one” option
and not an endorsement. The point is to make sure the logo graphic that you submit is your
original work and/or you own the right to use and/or make changes to something you
purchase. There is great information in these resources that will help educate ministry leaders on
songs, video, combining songs and video, images, thoughts…These resources are worth
sharing with your local board to help you maintain integrity and produce communication
pieces that are legal.

Lastly, when you submit a logo to The Hub at PWOC you are giving this site, and its users to
use, re-use, publish, re-publish in whole or in part, for editorial, commercial, promotional,
and/or trade purposes. You are also waiving any right to inspect or approve any copy that is
used in connection with the artwork.

2. Useable?

On a lighter note, have you considered the end user?

Often a local PWOC will use the logo for a variety of purposes. And most of the time a local group will add their name to
the logo, i.e. Fort Campbell PWOC. When choosing typography in design consider selecting
one that is free to download. This will help groups maintain consistency in the image and
provide greater use and flexibility.

You can find some of these resources at The Hub on our “Free Background Sites” page.