The group collaboration highlighted a few benefits to sharing a PWOC theme logo.  It helps not having to
reinvent the wheel to support our PWOCs who may not have members with a specific gifting and/or talent.

Below are three things that might help achieve those benefits for the whole body of Christ when it comes to logo design.

Explain it!

Provide a short explanation of the 2014-2015 theme collaboration logo you design. Describe the
meaning of color, symbols…you may have included to capture the theme focus, scripture, and
tagline. Here is the link to the PWOC logo as an example.

Focus it!

Communicate to your target audience with relevant images and design so they understand and/or
ask what the Gospel message means to them.

Define it!

Consider helping the end user with multiple use of the theme logo by providing a one page style guide.

Here is a sample one page style guide.