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PWOC sisters around the world have desired to stay connected and support one another. You have made that possible as an independent group of people who gathered and collaborated to create. In a virtual space at The Hub, we produced a theme, bible study suggestion list, program ideas, and songs to unpack our theme scripture.  All of this was possible because you found others worth your investment in this process – Thank you for caring and putting others first.

Since PWOC International and Regions no longer exists it is simply by the desire of people like you and me to meet in virtual places to share ideas, encourage one another, inspire each other in with what we are doing, and create ways to move together in what the LORD is doing in our military communities.

Theme is only “one” thing that can be collaborated. Let your imagination and the Holy Spirit’s prompting lead with the next thing. You will find all of the groups work under the tab Theme Collaboration 2014 at The Hub and on The Hub Pinterest board for “Collaborated theme“. As your groups plan for the year please share your programs, retreats, outreachs and other ideas by pinning in Pinterest and/or submit to The Hub. We will add them to Theme Collaboration for all to benefit.

You have been a beautiful picture of what it means to be the body. No walls, just individuals inspired by the Holy Spirit to join a process and give their gifts freely to others. You have truly loved one another.

Thank you,

Machaela Curry