Our MOCA group meets twice a month, usually Monday mornings at 9am.
Today’s morning started the same way: ladies gathering in my home for coffee, sharing stories and prayer requests for their students, and praying over many needs. We welcomed a new lady into the group this morning and had the privilege of praying for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. After our usual sharing and praying time, we turned on the praise music and began signing cards with words of encouragement, Scripture verses, and our names. These cards will be sent to these college students, young adults, and high school Seniors, with the promise that we continue to pray for them. It was a blessed time for this group of moms who live so far away from parts of their families, and we continue to see the value of gathering together to lift each other up in prayer.

You can start your own Mothers of College Age (MOCA) prayer group with just one other person! The rewards are eternal, and the joy is immediate!

MOCA. More powerful than a good cup of coffee!

– Melinda Hemphill, Wiesbaden, Germany

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MOCA  Cards