A favorite children’s book in our home has been one belonging to a set of volumes with such titles as Forgiveness, Faithfulness, Friendship, Loyalty, and Kindness. The most-read was the one called Courage. I recently received a Facebook message: “Mom, would you please send me my Courage book?” So I gladly agreed and sent it with treats.

That request led me to consider more about the value of courage and how it should be part of our regular prayers for our students.

Lord, please allow our students to have courage…

Courage to believe in You and to stand up for You.
Courage to do what is right according to what You say is right.
Courage to stand for justice and righteousness.
Courage to speak to professors and advocate for themselves.
Courage to make good relationship decisions.
Courage to go against modern society on what is pure and what is not.
Courage to be careful when driving.
Courage to help others in need.
Courage to be aware of those who may take advantage of them.
Courage to take care of themselves and seek medical help if necessary.

Lord, thank You for the gifts of love, of faith, and of family.  Thank You for being with our students, both near and far away.  Encourage them in their hearts, and let them know they are loved. Amen.

Melinda Hemphill