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The Leadership Lens

Lens slideRELEVANCE: The “lens” we use to view the world around us is essential to our
understanding of the truth, which impacts the characteristics and quality of our
leadership. How leaders view the people they are leading, the issues they encounter,
and their motives for leading are defined by which lens they use. For a gospel-centered
leader, their lens is the gospel- the truth of the Word of God. This lens brings clarity
and visibility to the leader’s view, which in turn impacts their understanding of the
world around them and their response to it. Without the gospel as the leader’s lens,
their view becomes distorted, and their quality of leadership is significantly diminished.
Therefore, the truth found in God’s Word is the foundation of a thriving leader.

CONTEXT: This workshop is designed to train up future and current leaders in a variety
of capacities: ministry within the chapel, their unit, outside organizations, and within
their home and other areas of influence. This material lays the foundation for training
leaders, and would be beneficial for training a new board, a special training for the
PWOC body, or as a workshop for a program day or retreat. It can also be shortened
for a devotional.

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