Another Monday morning came, and a handful of Mothers of College Age moms sat around a living room, drinking coffee, telling stories of their older kids, laughing, sometimes crying, always sharing hearts. We had updates about grades, projects, relationships, and travel plans. We poured out our hearts to God about our older kids and remembered the busy times of transitions for our high school and college Seniors. We remembered that our students will be on spring break soon and that we live an ocean apart. That’s where the differences come in from our stateside sisters in the same season of life.

On our secret Facebook group, we make events and announce the upcoming morning of prayer. Some people send in their prayer requests there. Some can attend. Others have other obligations or activities that don’t afford them the availability of our Monday mornings together. It struck me as funny this morning, though, what some of our other differences are over here in Europe.

The reminder went out about this morning’s prayer time. Several responded that they could not attend because:

“I’ll be on my way to Paris with my college girl!”

“Heading to Nove, Italy!”

“We’re in Madrid visiting our son who is on his spring break…sending prayer requests from Spain!”

Such is our life over here in Europe.
We’re far away from our kiddos for such long periods of time.
But when we’re together, we go exploring in another part of God’s great world.

And as always and from anywhere in the world, we pray.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany

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