A new season of PWOC is approaching.  Are you considering leadership?

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Whether you’ve applied for PWOC leadership, already been selected, or still considering it, check out these helpful resources!  There is an exhaustive amount of Christian Leadership available on the web alone.  Maybe some of these resources can help prepare you for a humble yet rewarding service of Leadership withing PWOC.

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Leader and Participant workshops on the Hub Workshops page

(only a few of over 30)

The Leadership Lens                    PWOC 101                    PWOC 201                    Mentoring                    The “Well”-Focused Leader

Servant Leadership                      Teamwork                     Team Building              Delagation                   The Unoffendable Heart

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Helpful articles on christian leadership

There are many articles throughout the internet on leadership. Here are just a few.

The Impact Of Good And Bad Leaders – barna.org

Ten Types Of Christian Leadership – chritianitytoday.com

What Makes Christian Leadership – ministrymatters.com

Raising up Leaders In The Church – thegospelcoalition.org

Leaders Who Last – thegospelcoalition.org

Is Your Theology Your Idolotry – desiringgod.org

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Helpful books on christian leadership

(all have electronic editions)

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A Leadership Trainer List will be coming out on The Hub in the middle of April.