60th pinWhat is the (your location) PWOC theme this year?

A. We Are Workers Together for Christ
B. Who Turned out the Lights? (or Where’s my Bible Study Classroom?)
C. (Your actual theme)
D. (a song your praise team has lead this year)

Who called women in chapels throughout Europe to start groups and invited their leaders to a conference in 1955?

A. The USAREUR Chaplain
B. The PWOC President in Europe
C. PWOC International Leadership
D. (your PWOC President)’s Grandma

In 1989, who invited conference attendees leaving Europe that summer to meet to discuss a “Vision of Connecting of PWOC” which started the process of creating PWOC-USA?

A. The PWOC European Council
B. A grass-roots group of women moving back to the states
C. The U.S. Navy Fleet Chaplain and PWOC-Europe Navy Advisor
D. Ann Besson

In 2004, who requested PWOC-Europe and PWOC-USA realign and join to be one organization?

A. PWOC-USA Leadership
B. The Army Chief of Chaplains (official Chaplain Sponsor of PWOC)
C. A joint group of PWOC-Europe and PWOC-USA leadership
D. Kimlee Worrell

In December of 2012, who reorganized PWOC to operate solely at the local installation level under the authority of the local Chaplain?

A. The Army Chief of Chaplains
B. The outgoing PWOC International Board
C. The President of the United States
D. All of the above

When PWOC decentralized in 2013, how many local PWOC’s existed?

A. Around 100
B. Over 130
C. Over 150
D. Around 170

We are Workers Together for Christ is:

A. The theme of the first PWOC Conference
B. The theme of the 50th anniversary year of PWOC
C. The motto of PWOC
D. All of the above

Which is NOT a PWOC AIM:

A. To LEAD women to Christ
B. To TEACH women God’s Word
C. To DEVELOP women’s Love for family
D. To INVOLVE women in Chapel ministries

At (your location), who pays for Bible Study books and watchcare worker’s income (or use another expense your PWOC has)?

A. It’s Army (Air Force) money – our tax dollars at work
B. The board member’s bank accounts
C. Mostly from Sunday chapel offerings, supplemented by our Tuesday morning offering
D. Army money + the suggested donations we put back in the offering

Who sets up tables for Bible Study, sets up tables and chairs for programs and takes them down afterwards?

A. Chaplain’s assistants
B. The board’s husbands
C. (PWOC President name), all by herself
D. A faithful few, board members and team members mostly

There are 8 things listed in the definition of a PWOC (from the Women’s Ministry Manual). Which of these is NOT a part of the definition:

A. Supports and assists the Protestant Chaplains, their ministries and is located on a U.S. Military Installation.
B. Uses the four PWOC Aims and the Women’s Ministry Manual to guide ministry
C. Welcomes women of any Protestant Background, whether they attend chapel or a church off of the military installation
D. Is led by a board of women that consists of at least five selected officers

Where can you find the Women’s Ministry Manual: Leader’s Guidelines for Protestant Women of the Chapel (WMM)?

A. Directly at the official PWOC Page: http://www.chapnet.army.mil/pwoc/
B. Through a link on The Hub: http://thehubpwoc.net/
C. Ask (PWOC Board member who has the WMM on their computer) to email it to you
D. All of the above

Extra Credit

How many past PWOC yearly themes can you name? 

Look for the answers later today on our Facebook page.  The gameshow script will be posted on the Hub as well.