Every other Monday morning at 9am, the MOCA Moms in Wiesbaden met in a home to pray for their young adult “children.” Coffee or tea was served, and the morning focused on updating each other on the prayer needs and then going before the Lord, lifting up each child by name. We currently have 42 members in our secret Facebook group, about 70 young adults to pray for, and usually have anywhere between 4-12 in attendance on our Monday morning prayer sessions.

I call it a grassroots group. A grassroots time of prayer.

We don’t consider it a program with any real schedule.

We do like our coffee/tea, but we don’t typically serve food unless we have a brunch afterwards. That’s only been done once or twice.

We hosted a Collegiate National Day of Prayer event in our chapel and encouraged our ladies to go to that website to register to be the prayer representative for their students’ schools.

I share some of our experiences over here in Germany because I would love to see a movement of MOCA Moms spread anywhere there is a PWOC group, anywhere there are two or three mothers who have older kids and who want to pray for them together. I know that there are many in PWOC who are in the same season as our group is in…young adults from high school Seniors through their mid-20s, whether in school, military, working, or still trying to find themselves…we want to pray for them.

A typical Monday includes praying for many issues: academics (tests, exams, projects), employment (on campus, off campus, for the summer, after graduation), relationships (with roommates, friends, other classmates, professors, family members there, family members far away, future spouses), safety (driving on the roads, flying, just coming and going from school or on long weekends/holidays), health (medical, dental, mental, keeping up with their own appointments), time management, making good and wise decisions in all areas of life, financial (jobs, taxes, FAFSA, saving, spending), student travel (especially for those who visit us once or twice a year to their families overseas), and so much more. We have come to know each family member by name and know how to pray for each family. It has become my main source of encouragement in this community and my heart’s desire to lift up these young adults in prayer.

It has been a lifeline of fellowship and confidentiality to our group.
And we are thankful for much.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?
It’s not hard to start a MOCA group. Gather with one other mom in this same season of life, and pray that God would bring others, too. Pick a time, a place, and a purpose for your group. Let others know you’re meeting together, perhaps through your local PWOC or chapel. And keep things focused on confidentially praying for this important age group. If your group is already meeting, let us know at The Hub.

Our group typically doesn’t meet over the summer unless there is an emergency, but we are always willing and ready to take any and all prayer requests before the throne of grace, asking God to guard, guide, keep, and direct our young people in His perfect will.

Join us.
It’s an investment with eternity in mind.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany

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