Theme Collaboration 2015

Develop a theme tagline, a key phrase, which captures the essence of what the Scripture calls you to do.

You can look back at our processing below.
discerningvisionthumb   TheWhoand The What Thumb    ArticulatingVision
 ChoosingAvision  says it allVisionScriptureMission

Some things to consider….

1. Does your tag line succinctly summarize your vision? (Subway, “Eat fresh”)
2. Is your tag line memorable? (Nike – “Just Do It.”)
3. Is your tag line original, and does it make a confident statement? (Wheaties, “Breakfast of Champions.”)
4. Will your tag line help energize people toward your goals? (U.S. Army, “Army Strong”)

**Post your tagline recommendations starting Friday to the Theme Development FB page.