Our MOCA group typically doesn’t meet in the summers, but we do keep up on our secret FB group. It’s a place for student and family updates, for prayer requests, and for that necessary communication that keeps us networking while school is not in session. We met the other day for just that purpose. Networking. Prayer. Communication. Connecting. Hugs. And tons of support.

Some families are moving from our community. Others will hopefully join us soon.

I recently put these questions on our secret FB group for each of our ladies to consider. I’m wondering how you would answer these as your prepare for another school year to begin. Feel free to share with us if you are led to do so.

moca cup summerMoms of upcoming high school seniors…welcome to the group…and welcome to this journey of focused, intentional prayer for your big kid, your young adult. The next year will be full of lasts as well as firsts. We’ve been there.

Moms of new college freshmen…how’s it going with you and yours?

Moms of new college sophomores…what have you learned from the first year? and how different is it from this time last summer?

Moms of new college juniors…how are your young adults adjusting to moving into their major classes? and making other decisions about work, relationships, classes?

Moms of college seniors…yes, the babies have now grown up into independent adults and are one or two semesters away from being college graduates…how is everyone doing? and how are future plans going?

And this one, too:
Moms of those who have graduated, have gone into the work force, who are looking for employment, who have joined the military, or who are in the process of getting married, how can you be in prayer for your young adult today?

Continue to pray for these very important people in our lives!

by Melinda Hemphill