Our MOCA group resumed its meetings a few weeks ago, and today we met back at my house. After busy schedules with school, sports, jobs, and weekend outings, the house was neglected; thankfully, a Sunday evening half-hour by my husband and younger sons was a great blessing as they helped prepare the home to host our MOCA group this morning.Prayer and Fellowship

Monday morning came. Coffee made. Tea prepared. Soup ready for a fellowship lunch afterwards. Trash taken out. Clutter gone. Fireplace lit. Door unlocked and ready for company.

We had twelve ladies today for prayer time. We shared hearts as mothers of young adults, most in college, some already out, some awaiting military assignments, several college freshmen experiencing much of university life for the first time, all in need of our prayers. Students are awaiting fall breaks, and as we are overseas, students find other places to go for a few days, either with roommates, siblings, or other nearby relatives. We pray for their academic struggles and give thanks for their successes. We pray for their safety on the roads and in the air as they travel…without us. We lifted up many relationships, some financial requests, the need to seek the Lord with all their hearts, and for their safety. Having gone to high school overseas, several of our students do not have drivers licenses, and so we pray for this unique situation.

Some of our moms have high school Seniors, others finding themselves praying in our safe circle for the first time. As of a week ago, I have a college Senior who has asked the love of his life to be his bride, so that is a new experience in our family.
We prayed for all of these young adults by name, both those represented by today’s moms as well as those in our secret Facebook group.

And as we pray, we often cry.
Our mama hearts are tender to the needs of our loved ones, whether nearby or far away.

After our two hours together of sharing and praying, five remained around the table, sharing bowls of chicken and rice soup and further stories of families and faith.

All left with a sense of belonging, a morning well-spent as connections continue to be made in this season of our lives.

We are thankful.
And we continue to pray.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany