Are you training a new PWOC board?

  • Check out our leadership workshops on the Training Workshops page.  There are over 30 workshops available to help your Board lead to include….

PWOC 101 / PWOC 201 / Ministry Through Admin / Conflict Resolution / Delegation / Servant Leadership

We’ve just added a new workshop today, called “Life On Mission” by Julie McCammon, with the assistance and inspiration of the
Women of Influence class at Fort Leavenworth.

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    You might find one on the Leadership Trainers page.

  • We also have a Pinterest for all kinds of ideas.  Find something you think we should

  • There are lots of helps, printouts, and ideas for board members on the Board Resources page.

  • We even have some slide backgrounds and clipart you can use to spics up your training on our Slide Backgrounds page.