The Dynamics Of A Vision (1)


.A theme(s) can tie programs and advertising together, build excitement, and connect with personal experience.  But themes cannot provide direction or measure progress.

.So, we need to clarify our direction with a vision of future ministry.

The Vision Of The Hub

“Resourcing leaders in the practical ministry of the PWOC Aims.” – This vision has a focused goal, tailored to the types of people who generally come to The Hub

Remember, the 4 Aims of PWOC are…

to LEAD women to accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord;
to TEACH women the history, beliefs, and programs of the church, all built on a solid foundation of worship and Bible study;
to DEVELOP in women the skills of prayer, evangelism, stewardship, and social service, against a background of personal spiritual development;
to INVOLVE women in the work of the Chapel, in keeping with their abilities and interests.

Processing Point 1

To articulate a vision, we need to consider several dynamics that get more and more specific.  We start by asking the 3 questions below.  Please use scripture with your answers.

Who is the Lord Jesus?

1.What is He like?
2. What has He commanded His people to do?
3. What has He promised for obedience?

for example…

  • He is THE PROPHET that tells us the Truth. – Acts 3:21-22
  • He is THE PRIEST who shows us God’s Justice and Grace. – Hebrews 2:17
  • He is THE KING who rewards and disciplines those who follow Him. – 1 Corinthians 15:25

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