The Dynamics Of A Vision (2)

Remembering who Jesus is – especially His character and commands – reminds us of what obedience should look like.  He doesn’t bless just any type of actions.  Similarly, He hasn’t given us the same level of relationship with everyone in the world.  There are specific people in our PWOCs, families, neighborhoods, etc.  And some of them are clearly hungry for Christ.  Others may not seem to be.

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Processing Point 2

With whom has He placed you (who is your audience)?

When the Apostles brought the gospel to different types of people in Acts 10, 13, 14 and 17, they considered the uniqueness of their audience as Gentiles, Jews, Greek philosophers, etc.

Who are the spiritually hungry ladies coming to your PWOCs and how does their uniqueness help us understand their needs?

For example…

  • Some of the wives at certain posts have husbands in aggressive Armor and Infantry units who train for violent missions.

  • The Junior enlisted might have financial struggles.  They need to know more about Godly stewardship.

  • Families who have soldiers in frequent combat might struggle with fear, anger or depression.  They might need to know how to trust Him more and rest in Him.

  • Families of leaders may struggle with concern about reputation.  They need to find their identity in Christ.

These are only a few possible examples.

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