Assessing The Need



We’ve processed who Jesus is and who our audience is.

You can find those results here.

Processing Point 3

Based on the needs and resources of our PWOCs, what might He be calling all of us to do
as a response to the common 
spiritual needs most of these ladies seem to have?

Identify the top 3 you see 

for example…

  • Is it the need to move to the next level of growth? (closer relationships, greater joy, service to others, more self-control, knowledge of scripture, sacrifice for God)
  • Is it the need to know the Lord in a more specific way?(i.e. do they understand Him as Savior but not King, kind and merciful but not Holy, etc.)
  • Is it the need to work together in specific mercy ministries to hurting believers?
  • Is it the need to bring the Gospel to specific problems unique to a culture, the history of this community, social status, etc.?

Please add all responses to the Them Development Facebook page HERE.  We will respond to this question until Friday morning(2-24-2017).
Then, I will compile all the parts of these three first processes for us to look at.  All 3 parts will help us to set the vision for a Theme.