Multiplying your MOCA group when you move

Babies, elementary school, middle school, high school, and now college !

Yes, I need MOCA!  Moving to Europe and leaving my first child behind was heartbreaking, and I knew that in the next two years I would have two more leave.

It’s been a transition, tears, growth, and much joy. But without my MOCA moms it would of been so much harder. My first year I joined the MOCA group in Germany, and it was such an encouragement. Then God moved me to Italy, and that’s where God laid it on my heart to start a MOCA group here as I prepared to send my baby off to college . It’s been such an amazing group of ladies to pray with , share with, cry with, and grow with. We have watched God answer our prayers such as safe travels, test passed, relationship struggles with roommates, jobs received, and finances met.

God is so faithful.

We have also made care packages for the kids and sent cards with Scripture and encouragement through out the last two years. Also, it is exciting to have our kids say ,”Will you have the MOCA moms pray for me?” They know there’s a group of moms praying for them. Now it’s time for me to move again and say goodbye to this group of ladies, but thankfully it will continue as a lady has stepped up to continue it here in Italy. I will move to our next place and hopefully begin another MOCA group. I encourage you if you’re in this season of life to pray about starting a MOCA group where God has planted you and reach out to others in the same season. Our kids still need us to keep praying for them as they journey through this new season of life for them. It will bless you and it will bless them.


Blessings, Angela Foster