Collegiate Day of Prayer 2017

I learned about this movement a few years ago, and from its website, it mentions this as its history:

“During this extended season of revival (the Second Great Awakening in America, 1790-1845), church leaders began to apply the proven principles of the Concert of Prayer movement to the needs of college students. By 1815, the Concert of Prayer for Colleges had become a regular feature on the New England campuses of Yale, Williams, Brown and Middlebury. By 1823, almost every major denomination and university in America had embraced the practice of a concerted day of prayer for colleges.

All the universities in America at this time had been founded through the Church and therefore were expected to supply the next generation of evangelical leaders. 

The American churches viewed these student communities as the coming future of their congregations, culture, and society. They believed that the direction of their churches and that of the whole nation would soon follow the spiritual bent and character of America’s college students — as the students go, so goes the nation. It was this kind of farseeing perspective about students that made the American Church quick to answer the call to a national day of prayer for colleges.” (

This commitment to pray for America’s colleges and universities has been going on since 1815. Today was the day that people gathered to pray for the higher education system in our nation, including our own young adults and students, professors, biblical truth, and decisions and policies that are made in these educational institutions.

We know that when we send our “children” out of our home that they will be under the influence of many people (professors and peers) of which we have no control.

We pray for good influences, for godly people around them to show them Christ’s love and live out biblical truth before them.

Today our MOCA group prayed for the colleges and universities that we have been associated with over the years, for our college students, grad school students, high school seniors, and young adults not currently in college or already graduated. It was a time of confidential sharing and praying, of sharing a meal together around the table, and of getting to know each other (and each others’ kids) better in a casual, focused home environment.

If you’re in this season of life with a high school senior or young adult in your life, I encourage you to get together with other same-season, like-minded moms and intercede for each other, in Jesus’ name.


Melinda Hemphill

Wiesbaden, Germany