.Highlighting new and different ministries to reach the unchurched with the same Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ.

“Most of us probably want our un-churched friends to come to PWOC, and that’s good.
But what if we need to consider other ways to reach them first, before we can get them to even consider PWOC.”
So, we’re highlighting the new ministries we find. For more innovative ministries, click the link at the bottom of the post.

Telling people about Jesus won’t be easy. But it’s not complicated.
We’re convinced that as we open the Bible and help people discover who Jesus is many will come to love and know Him. The Explored series gives you the opportunity to start the conversation. So whether it’s one-to-one in a coffee shop, a small gathering in a home or a group at your church – you can do it!

Start a small group in your neighborhood.  The videos are excellent Gospel conversation starters.  Some are even free on youtube.
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