Evangelize Today desires to link with key organizations that are looking to “reinvent” and “refresh” their approach to evangelism. Evangelize Today provides support throughout the program with Vision Days, teaching and training seminars. 

Evangelize Today is a unique approach to sharing the Christian faith. Often, evangelism seminars are theoretical, rather than active. Christians often talk about evangelism instead of actually doing it. Evangelize Today allows participants to reflect on their own conversion process and then apply what they learned before they leave.
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Al Dayhoff D.Min.
Doctor of ministry from Covenant theological seminary in St Louis Mo.
Dissertation thesis” Confrontational monologue vs Relational Dialogue as it relates to the transfer of faith and the Image of God in all people”.( in otber words …dignity, respect, shifting from listening to reply to listening to hear”)
Executive Director of Evangelize Today: Currently has 20 ordained ministers in a ” Residency cohort”. Al guides his Residents in ” Researching their way back into the post christian world”.
Residency Values include:
1- Shifting from listening to Reply to listening to Hear.
2- Guarding the dignity of the speaker and Reciever.
3- Meeting the Resident where they are …not where we think he/she should be.
4- a ” research- introspection- relationship – communication ” metric.
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