A new MOCA season

We have three older kids who have all graduated from college.

I’ve been praying for all of them all of their lives, and praying through the college and young adult years is vitally important.

Our fourth child (almost 19) has graduated from high school and has been enjoying his summer with us at home in Wiesbaden.

Life is getting busier with the checklist we are working on this summer.

These things have all happened in the past week:

  • Going through his room of the past six years, making piles of “things to send to college,” “things to leave here,” “things to throw away,” “things to sell”
  • Getting his USAA bank account set up and having his overseas account deposited in the States
  • Talking with Tricare Overseas about how to get his Tricare Standard set up
  • Talking with the university registrar about the necessary letter for travel orders
  • Selecting courses for the fall
  • Paying the fees
  • Securing new student orientation plus the parent program for me
  • Being forceful enough to get student travel orders pushed through in a few days
  • Using the orders to get the official travel office on post to book his flight in conjunction with mine
  • Using the orders to get the transportation office on post to schedule his pick-up of the allowed 350 lbs. of unaccompanied baggage
  • Getting ready for that packing day
  • Packing new suitcases
  • Getting a stateside phone number from this end
  • And so many more things to do!


It’s been a summer of good family time and relaxation.

Now the list is heavily underway, knowing that each item is necessary for him to get to his new surroundings with all he needs as a new college student.

God bless you, David, and all of the recent high school graduates as you venture into the new world of college, military, work, and “adulting” in the world on your own!



Melinda Hemphill

Wiesbaden, Germany


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