Here’s a ministry thought for you.

Christians in the path of the eclipse on August 21 will soon have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to use a total eclipse of the sun to help people experience the real history of the Gospel and a graphic metaphor of what Jesus did on the cross.

Talk with your Chaplains and host an outdoor PWOC/Chapel “event” (format it as you see most helpful) and publicize it in such a way that might draw people in your area to come and hear the story of the eclipse during Jesus’ crucifixion.(Mark 15:33, Matt 27:45) Time your talk to put them there experientially and bring them the Gospel using the eclipse as metaphor and real history. Maybe entitle it, “From Darkness to Light and Life” or something light that.

And make it more than a one-way talk. Team with other believers to be ready to connect with those who come: to offer cold water or simple cool snacks (it may be hot), to talk more intimately about the Gospel, and maybe a simple social dinner that evening for more follow up.

Start and maintain an appropriately somber tone through the eclipse, and follow up with hope and praise when the Light comes.

Are you in the path of the eclipse?