Confessions of a MOCA mom…

I wrote this to a few friends this afternoon via Facebook messenger…

“after tonight…one more day with david at home. his home. he’s not just moving away to college. he’s moving away. he’ll probably visit at christmas…but not be here to live again. sigh…i guess it’s that way stateside, too…just not looking forward to being so far away. here we go…”

We have prayed for this day for a long time, and he has worked very hard…
This young man who was a stellar athlete and scholar at his high school.
This young man who is the fourth of five siblings, who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, who stands for purity, who speaks up against falsehood, who desires to take on a profession that doesn’t always get the glory or recognition it deserves because he loves passing on correct history, not incorrect accounts.

This young man.
Our David.
Good friend and good brother and good son.
One I know will impact the world…not because of his grand size, but because of the size of his heart and convictions.

He will do well. He has already done well.

He was in grades 1-6 in Georgia and then grades 7-12 here in Germany. He’s only lived in four places (one of those twice), which is not many when you think of how many times a military kid can move in his lifetime. But the past six years of living in Europe have been great for our family…and on Friday he will return to the good ol’ USA for good. Not just for college. But for good. He is moving.

This week we had his Unacccompanied Baggage packed up and sent off to his university. He has his two suitcases ready. We have a shopping list for a few “Wal-Mart items” to buy next week. His orientation is scheduled, and his classes have been registered, fees paid, scholarships received. The bank account has been established, graduation checks deposited, debit card ordered, checks received.

This almost-19-year-old young man is ready to live in a traditional dorm and share meals with new friends and classmates in a dining hall referred to affectionately among the students as “Chow.”

But this mama, even in her knowing that he will be home for Christmas, that we can Skype and send messages and emails, and call if necessary…it’s still an ocean apart.

I know other parents of college students are saying goodbye to their young adults soon as well. I know this. I’ve done it three other times. That doesn’t make it an easier this time around.

So we wish you well, David. Go and do great things. Hold fast to your faith in Christ; He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. Work hard. Let that come before play. But play, too. Make friends. Make lifelong friends as you attend my alma mater. Make it your own. Call it home.

This is why I need MOCA. Because my son and your young adults as well need our prayers. And also…we need the support of each other…we need the cconnecteness that comes out of joining together to lift up our kids to their unchanging, all-loving, sovereign Father. Our kids need our prayers. And we need MOCA.

Do you have someone to pray with yet?
Because, come on, village. We need this. I need this.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany