M.O.C.A Moments

My grown daughter and I were on a girls’ trip, and I received a text from the married son with a request. I wasn’t ready for it. It caught me off-guard.

He graduated early from college, has worked full time for almost two years, and a year and a half ago, married the love of his life. This is a lovely young couple who both love the Lord and each other. They work hard at their jobs, and I love them.

But to get this request…well…I wasn’t ready to do this one thing.
He asked for…his childhood Christmas stocking.
The one I cross-stitched his name on back in 1994.
The one we’ve hung year after year, house after house after house, state after state, country after country. With the set of seven stockings….

That stocking.

And so while struggling over the literal meaning of letting go of the stocking as well as the bigger picture of moving on with adult children, I made the decision to mail it to him with their other Christmas presents. I’m in purge mode, afterall, with military retirement upon us in 2018 and the current activity of going through all material possessions and saving just what we will need and use in the next (small) house.

And so with the Christmas box addressed, packed, sealed, and accounted for with the customs form, I mailed Drew his childhood stocking that will be lovingly placed next to Jordan’s childhood stocking, creating new memories for this young couple in their apartment.

Lord, bless our adult “kids” in their homes and experiences and relationships. May they always trust you and may their childhood commitments to You always be present and grow as they share their love and grow together. Amen.

Have you been asked something like this from adult kids? From your college students? It’s part of successful parenting that goes beyond what goes on inside your home. It’s the passing down of positive childhood memories that carries them into adulthood with secure memories and experiences of their own.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany