MOCA Christmas Wishes!

The first time our college freshman came “home” was for Christmas break.
That means that from the day I dropped him off at his dorm to the day he came back home was 120 days. A third of 2017. A couple of months ago, he sent us the necessary letter from the registrar on university letterhead, confirming his academic status. His dad took that letter and went through the process of getting the student travel orders. Once they arrived, I was able to take them over to the travel agency on post (the “official” side of SATO, not the “leisure” side) and finish the process with the travel plans we had already begun…official travel paying for his trip home, the annual privilege.

So now Christmas break is underway! He’s home from his first semester away at college. This mama is extremely happy about his return, about his suitcases in the house, about making up for much lost time, about cooking his favorite foods and baking his favorite desserts, about taking him to a couple of Christmas markets and ensuring he sees a few high school friends who have also made the journey back to Europe. It’s time for the favorite movies and games and stories. It’s time to let him spend the time as he needs to and to allow for the naps and to shop at the commissary one more time for that favorite snack. It’s time.

His dad is on leave from work (the last assignment before the impending retirement). His younger brother is also done with school for 2017, and his older sister is here for Christmas for the first time since 2014. (His two older brothers and a sister-in-law are stateside for Christmas this year and are with family.) It’s David’s first time home since he left in early August. Retirement for us in a few months will mean that when he returns to college in January, the next break will be with us in our stateside house, our home in Georgia. The status as an active duty family will not just be ending for my husband and me but also the sons still under our roof; home will be moving soon. But the values of faith and family will remain. Welcome home, David. We’re here for you, son.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the college freshmen and all their families!!
Enjoy every moment of your family time and the sweetness of the Savior’s love for you.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany