A new year…

Back to school; back to work; back to the routine. We had a great time together over the Christmas break. Games were played; movies were watched; siblings wrestled and laughed and just sat around in a comfortable, familiar setting.

We worshiped together and took a small trip and ate stockings full of chocolate and enjoyed

English crackers. We made favorite foods and baked cookies and tried to keep to a very casual schedule. And today, January 4, the holidays are officially over as we took our college student to the airport.

For seven years now, we have been putting college students and young adults on airplanes to return to classes and work schedules. This one is just as hard as any other departures. The difference in this one is that it is the last time we’ll do that. When the next holiday comes about (summer break), we’ll be stateside and just a couple of hours away by car from most family members on both sides.

It’s now time to go back into that college student’s bedroom, get it cleaned up for any guests and also getting ready for a big overseas move. Last night was the last time for him to sleep in that room…but not with that furniture. It’ll be waiting for him in Georgia next summer…as will we be waiting. Home is where your family is…and so home is moving there. This has been his home since 2011. He’ll move back into the room he shared with his younger brother up through 6th grade, but this time, it’ll be his own room. The younger brother has already claimed his own room in our house there. It’s a good thing. We’re praying through the transition time and want it to be healthy. It’s hard to say goodbye every single time. But we are determined to do this thing together…with patience and kindness and an awareness that a move like this affects each person in their own way.

So it’s time. Time for new college classes. For high school to continue. For work schedules. For a routine…and for us that means going back to being a family of three in the reality of our day.

God’s blessings for you and yours as college students leave home again this week.
I again encourage and challenge you to meet with other like-minded, same-season moms to lift up loved ones in prayer. We unapologetically pray to the Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. It definitely makes a difference when the hard times come.

Peace be with you.

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany