The 2018 Theme Collaboration at the Hub starts soon!!

We welcome all PWOC members.

During the period of Feb. 5 – April 30, we will be working to create the 2018-2019 Collaboration Theme at The Hub with an identifying scripture, theme focus, tagline, song recommendations, and Bible study recommendations.

**This process is an example to help PWOCs build their own themes while creating a usable theme for PWOCs to use as well.  It is not “THE” theme for PWOC.

You can join the facebook group here.

Feel free to mention this FB group to PWOCers everywhere. We love having a dynamic group of ladies representing the different branches and sizes of PWOC groups, whether long-time or newly established groups, etc.  

Let’s pray about getting started and about seeking the Lord’s direction for this year’s Theme Collaboration!!  We start February 5, 2018.

You can check out last year’s process here.