The MOCA Hand-Off

Sometimes military transitions occur when you get orders and
move to another post and another town. Sometimes it’s just moving the other side of base or maybe off post due to the needs of your family. This particular military transition (retirement) means moving from our home of seven years overseas to a rural, civilian setting and plugging in to that community that is not near a military installation or its offerings.

MOCA has been a big part of my life for several years (because lots of kids means lots of kids going through college and all the prayers that go with them), and in Wiesbaden, we’ve had a program going that lets moms in the same seasons of life and with similar experiences get together for one primary purpose: to pray for their young adult children.

Recently I’ve handed over our local MOCA leadership to some other moms and not just in the scheduling and administrative duties but also another part that is important in the transition: taking myself off the admin list of our secret Facebook group. What is the significance of this? It’s saying, “Here, friend. I trust you and pass the baton of leadership off to you, trusting your judgment in the running of this group.” Or something like that.

Each MOCA group will be different because each of our situations and locations are different, but the primary focus of praying for our young adults (typically ages 18-25) remains the same…and our promise of confidentiality remains the same…and our uncompromising creed of praying in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ remains the same.

The Wiesbaden MOCA group will go on when we are no longer there, just as yours will continue when you move…and the challenge is this. Take MOCA with you when you move. Wherever two or three of His own are gathered together, there He is with us! Continue the calling and commitment to pray for your young adult children, and may the Lord be with you (and also with you).

Melinda Hemphill
Wiesbaden, Germany