The Dynamics of A Vision (Part 3)

Who is Jesus?

Who is coming to your PWOC?

Processing Point 3…………………………

Based on the needs and resources of our PWOCs, what might He be calling all of us to do as a response to the common spiritual needs these ladies seem to have?

You will find each list behind their perspective puzzle pieces above.  Just click the picture.

Identify the top 3 you see

for example…
– Is it the need to move to the next level of growth? (closer relationships, greater joy, service to others, more self-control, knowledge of scripture, sacrifice for God)
– Is it the need to know the Lord in a more specific way?(i.e. do they understand Him as Savior but not King, kind and merciful but not Holy, etc.)
– Is it the need to work together in specific mercy ministries to hurting believers?
– Is it the need to bring the Gospel to specific problems unique to a culture, the history of this community, social status, etc.?

Please add all responses to the bottom of this post ON the Theme Development Facebook page HERE.  We will respond to this question until Friday morning.(02-24-2018)

**Then, all 3 parts will be compiled from these first 3 processes.
All 3 parts will help us to set the vision for our Theme.