To get to Monday’s list of vision statements, we are going to need to pick one of these rewrites to add to that list.
Please choose ONE before Monday morning(4/9/2018) to add to the new list.

1. To grow in our knowledge & understanding of Christ, with grace and humility through friendships and love.
2. To humbly grow in depth of knowledge and selfless service as we fully embrace the gift of our identity in Christ.
3. With grace and humility, Growing in knowledge and understanding of Christ while fostering authentic love.
4. Growing humbly, graciously, and joyfully in deeper knowledge and selfless service while fully embracing the gift of your identity in Christ.
5. to grow in their knowledge and understanding of their purpose, position, and power in Christ and by faith be devoted to one another using their God given gifts with a spirit of humility, unity, sincere love, and faith in prayer.