Faith, Prayer, and M.O.C.A.

”Please pray – my son was hit my a motorcycle in Italy……”

That is how the message began on a Sunday evening. One of our M.O.C.A moms was traveling with 2 of her kids, her mother and her aunt who were visiting while her husband was back in the States. My husband happens to be a chaplain, and within minutes he was on the phone getting in touch with a chaplain near them who visited the hospital that night. I posted the request on our M.O.C.A. Facebook group, and responses of “Praying” began popping up immediately. Someone in our “family” was hurting.

I call it a family because that is what we have become. Seven months ago Kayla came to the Wiesbaden Mothers Of College Age (M.O.C.A.) prayer group. Over the months we had prayed for each others’ kids. We had cried together, laughed together, and rejoiced together when prayers were answered. Something happens when you pray together. Military wives are used to snapping into action when someone needs help, but this was different. Our SISTER was alone with her son in a hospital in another foreign country.

The next morning was our regularly scheduled M.O.C.A prayer time. There were seven of us there this particular morning. One of our ladies who is very close with Kayla and had been our direct contact with her was able to get Kayla on the phone. The emotion in her voice was understandable. She shared exactly what had happened and an update on her son’s condition and then we prayed. Kayla had her phone on speaker so her son could hear the prayers as we each cried out to our Father in Heaven on their behalf. I believe God orchestrated that moment. She knew God was with her. She knew we were ALL praying. But she was able to HEAR us praying. We were able to assure her that we had her daughter, mother and aunt taken care of here when they returned here. Later we learned that as soon as she hung up the phone some of the insurance snags that we had just prayed about had been ironed out.

Mark 2:1-12 tells the story of a paralytic who was carried to Jesus by four friends. We do not know how far they had to carry him, but I am sure it was a difficult journey. When they arrived there was no way to get through all the people to get into the house. I would have said, “Oh, well. Thanks for getting me this far, guys. I understand. We can go home now.” These friends carried him up on the roof, made a hole, and lowered him down. Verse 5 says, “When Jesus saw their faith…” Not when Jesus saw their determination or when Jesus saw the pathetic state of the man or even when Jesus saw the man’s faith. It says when Jesus saw THEIR FAITH. Sometimes, in our darkest times, we need those kinds of friends. The friends who volunteer to drive to the airport to pick up family members or go buy groceries for your family before you have even had a chance to ask. This all started with our regular prayer times together before we even knew this would happen. We often say, “There is nothing left for me to do but pray.” This story is an example of how all the other things come together because prayer was the FIRST thing that was done.

Robyn Chester
Wiesbaden, Germany