MOCA Family Time
Friday night of Labor Day weekend. I became a mom 28 years ago today. Today! My oldest is now 28! And ten years ago, I began talking with other Mothers of College Age students about how we could pray for them as they left high school and our homes. Ten years!

We have retired from the Army and moved back to our home in Georgia, which is undergoing a major renovation. Our oldest is coming to see us tonight then we will all drive to my mother’s in the north Georgia mountains for the long weekend. My second-born, our only daughter, flies in tomorrow from her job with a cruise line company. We see her a few days a year, and since we’re stateside again, she’ll be with us for a month. Our middle son and his wife will join as well plus our college sophomore. That leaves my husband and high school junior son and I getting to spend time with those we love most in the world. We haven’t been together since the wedding over two years ago, and we all look forward to this weekend.

How has it been since your college student resumed classes? Since your young adult left your home? Or a gap year program? Or trade school? Or the military? How has it been for the remaining siblings or maybe for the older ones out on their own?
Cherish each moment and season. And continue to love them well and pray without ceasing.

Family Time. Part Two.
Five weeks have passed since I started this post. Not sure where it went except into home renovations. That’s what we do as retirees…renovate our 21yo home and visit with family. 

This weekend I was able to spend time with our college son who lives two hours away as well as my mom, sister, and two of her three kids. Being retired means not living an ocean away but within 2-3 hours of all family. Being able to see a college student or young adult means enjoying the current phase of life and somewhat making up for seven years away.This was the first Family Day event I have attended since parenting college students for the past ten years. The first! And we didn’t even go to the organized activities. Instead, we ate at his choice (Chick-fil-A, duh) and walked around “our” historical college town for a couple of hours, including spending good quality time for introverts at an antique store. It helps that this son is a student at my alma mater and that we love it so much and consider it home. Worshiping together with family on a Communion Sunday added to the blessings of the weekend, plus meals together, watching games on tv, and having no real agenda. Just family time.

Moms, keep praying. Keep up that communication with God and with others about your most precious loved ones. I hope you are encouraged today as you gather with others in the name of Jesus to lift up your students to their loving Father. Be blessed.

Melinda Hemphill
Retired in Georgia and still living out of suitcases from our PCS four months ago