Draw Me In With A Tagline

In the commercial marketing world – A tagline is a phrase that accompanies your brand name to quickly translate your business’s positioning and brand identity into a single line (a tagline) that means something to consumers. A tagline is meant to provide consumers with an indication of your brand and its market position in just a few memorable words.

For Our Purposes – Develop a theme tagline, a key phrase, which captures the essence of what the Scripture calls you to do.

  • It’s memorable. You hear it, memorize it quickly, and repeat it with ease.
  • It’s short. Great taglines often have as few as ten syllables so that they’re quick to recite and easy to tuck in alongside logos.
  • It conveys a brand’s point of difference. The tagline tells what sets your brand apart from others.
  • It clarifies a brand’s market position and key benefits. Especially if the brand name doesn’t quickly communicate the brand’s offerings and distinctions.
  • It differentiates a business from all others. In fact, a great tagline is so unique that it doesn’t work when linked to a competitor’s brand name.
  • It reflects the brand’s identity, character, promise, and personality. It also needs to be believable and original.

The tagline should work as a magnet to quickly draw women into the theme and can emphasize the meaning of the scripture without repeating any of the same words or concepts.

Some things to consider….

1. Does your tag line succinctly summarize your vision? …. Subway – “Eat fresh”
2. Is your tag line memorable? …. Nike – “Just Do It.”
3. Is your tag line original, and does it make a confident statement? …. Wheaties – “Breakfast of Champions.”
4. Will your tag line help energize people toward your goals? …. U.S. Army – “Army Strong”

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