Narrowing The Tagline

Choose 2 taglines from each column.

We will narrow it down to 6 overall and make a final choice from those 6.
The tagline should work as a magnet to quickly draw women into the theme and can emphasize the meaning of the scripture
without repeating any of the same words or concepts.

Something to remember…

1. Does the tag line succinctly summarize your vision? …. Subway – “Eat fresh”
2. Is the tag line memorable? …. Nike – “Just Do It.”
3. Is the tag line original, and does it make a confident statement? …. Wheaties – “Breakfast of Champions.”
4. Will the tag line help energize people toward your goals? …. U.S. Army – “Army Strong”

Choose the 2 Taglines WITH "rest" that best fits our theme.

Choose the 2 Taglines WITHOUT "rest" that best fits our theme.

These polls will be open until Wednesday morning(May 8, 2019) and then we will choose from the top 6.