When MOCA prayers continue…

It’s been four years since our oldest two graduated from college. In that time, they’ve held various jobs but have both taken new turns recently that will create more opportunities to use their college degrees and personal skills.

Typically our MOCA groups pray for our older ‘children’ 18-24 year olds, or as needed, the age can fluctuate depending on the moms’ requests. We cover all sorts of requests from those enrolled in college, those working, those in the armed forces, and those who are often “trying to find themselves.”

It’s been a year since our Army retirement and almost a year since we returned to our home in rural Georgia; while we are not affiliated with any military community at this time, some things have happened recently that draw me back to this type of prayer group – this type of prayer group that lifts up our young adults who need it most.

Our oldest son is 28, has a college degree in Computer Science, and has found only retail work since he graduated four years ago. A few months ago he began the process to enlist in the Army and took his oath two weeks ago. He is currently at basic training and has been given an appropriate MOS for when AIT begins. He is excited to start this new journey as well as a bit anxious for taking on this responsibility. This is the kind of thing I’d be begging God for in a MOCA group, and even now, I’ve found that kind of refuge of confidential prayer warriors in a local church here.

Our daughter is 26 and also graduated four years ago with her Biology degree. She’s been working for a cruise line the past four years but soon begins classes for her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree with the goal of being a high school Science teacher. In fact, this is the last night before we help her move to a new city. Both she and her brother have been in and out of our house since we moved back in six months ago, saving their money, building relationships with us and their brothers, being involved in a local church and Sunday School class and good Christian fellowship.

So both are on their way to their new careers. Their new futures.
We prayed for this for years. Independence.

With both of them moving on to new seasons, I find myself in just the place I was a few years ago when they were finishing up their undergrad degrees: praying to the LORD Almighty for their protection, clarity of mind, strong bodies, and all of the many things we have always prayed for our kids, these young adults who are well on their way to being independent adults in society. That’s the goal, isn’t it? I think it is.

God bless you, Marti and T.J., as you seek and serve Christ in your chosen fields.
I’ll always pray for you and always love you. I’m very proud of you.

I’m thankful for the MOCA program over the years and to be able to share these updates with praying sisters around the world. Remember you can always gather with a few moms and lift up your kids of all ages. God is listening, and the encouragement you’ll find with other moms will strengthen your faith.

MOCA…Mothers of College Age….continue to pray for your kids, regardless of their age. It’s worth it. They are worth it.

Melinda Hemphill
Sharpsburg, Georgia