Oooh boy.

I’ve been preparing for this day for the past 4 years. Pushing him; educating him on the process; giving him expectations; watching him excel in his academics to make his resume look enticing; molding his integrity, character, responsibility, etc. Seeing him mold into a God fearing, responsible, humble (most of the time), intellectual gentleman. But this day snuck up on me quick. One week prior to packing him to head off to college I was a blubbering mess! Emotions all over the place.
I knew as a parent this day was coming. I accepted years ago that I wasn’t just raising a son. I was raising a man, someone’s husband, father. 😳😔 He is #4 to “leave the nest” but something about this one just pulled at me much harder. “Letting go” NEVER gets easier. Maybe the fact that the world is a much colder place these days. I dont know what it is but it was hard.
Today was the day. Time to load up the car and send him off to conquer this new chapter of his. I DID IT and did it well. The ride was a little quiet. I believe both of us had some anxiety/nervousness and didn’t want to tap into heightened emotion. 😁😁

We arrive to his choice school, NC State. A school he’s had his eye on for 5 yrs. The process was so very smooth with very little stress. WAY TO GO, PACK. The volunteers and all involved were wonderful. We spent most of the day with him. Arranged his room, went shopping for snacks and had lunch.
Pulling away from him was hard but necessary. He has been groomed and raised well. Before we completed the transition of separation I gently remind him that this is the time in his life where my faith can only take him so far. It’s now time for him to utilize and lean on his own faith. Never forget to thank God and praise Him. Remind him to use his bible and look to God for direction (and me). 😁
All in all it was a wonderful day. I am so very proud of him. #GOPACK #ItTakesAVillage #RaiseThemUp ❤

Seymour-Johnson AFB