The M.O.C.A. Small World

It’s been a year and a half since our military retirement and move back to our home from overseas. During this time we’ve done several big things like renovate our starter home, move my Mom from the big family home to an apartment near us, see our oldest son join the Army and graduate from Basic, witness our daughter move to another city for grad school, and other big events with other family members. It’s our civilian world in this sandwich generation between young adults and aging parents.

I have missed the small group prayer circles of my Wiesbaden MOCA group but have seen first-hand God’s work in the lives of my own plus others we’veprayed for over the years. In August I was able to help out a family who was not able to accompany their college freshman daughter to her new college. We made arrangements to meet at the small airport, and she arrived at 12:30am from an overseas flight with multiple stops. Acting as her mom for a couple of days, we attended orientations and shopped for new bedding and set up her dorm room, documenting everything so we could send her parents some pictures of her new surroundings. I met the moms of roommates, helped her find her new p.o. box, and sent constant texts back and forth from Georgia to Germany. We even facetimed with the family from the parking lot of the bank where I helped her set up her new account. It’s what MOCA moms do; it’s what friends do. We not only pray for each new aspect of our young adults’ lives but often help them see it to fruition in their new college settings.

Another special connection deeply rooted in the prayer lives of people I’ve known through PWOC is to know our oldest son has made connections with some of our Wiesbaden chapel family at his assignment in Arizona. It was a treat to see a photo tagged by a PWOC sister yesterday to show me our son had connected with her at a combined chapel Thanksgiving service. Two worlds colliding. A good mom-feeling.

Sisters in Christ around the world: Are you actively in a group that studies God’s Word? Considers your place in the Body of Christ in the world? Prays regularly for your family and others? Worships the living God through tithes, offerings, singing, and biblical truth? One result of this kind of life is knowing people around the world that can be extensions of your own family. I’m thankful to know PWOC ladies around the world and know I can send them a message about something, connecting us to the greater call and vision of God’s work on earth. I especially like it when it involves one of my “kids,” one of many who has been prayed for through the MOCA concept since its inception.

God bless you, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Melinda Hemphill
Sharpsburg, Georgia