The Vision Articulation at the Hub starts soon!!

The Lord Jesus has given us many good promises and commands in His Word.  And, like the seven churches in Revelation 2-3,  the unique needs of any local Body of believers require us to focus on some more than others.  That’s what a vision helps us to do:  focus on the key needs that we must not neglect.  During the period of Feb. 10 – April 24, we will be working to guide potential leaders in articulating a Local Vision for their installation in 2020-2021 including

  • a key Scripture
  • theme focus
  • tagline
  • song recommendations
  • Bible study recommendations
  • and ideas for programs

**This process is a only an example to help PWOCs articulate their own vision, key Scripture, theme, etc.  It is NOT “the vision” or anything else for all PWOCs.

We welcome all PWOC members.

This group is for those ladies who are interested in learning a thought process to articulate a vision for their local PWOC.
The hope is that those sisters desiring to serve in the next year(s) may glean insight to discern the unique needs of their Installation and how the Gospel can impact that community.

This process can be useful for PWOC members who are…

  • considering serving in positions to lead toward the vision
  • putting together programs and retreats to support the vision
  • creating workshops within those programs and retreats


Some of the intended benefits from articulating a vision are…

  • discerning which Scripture passages best speak to our installation
  • choosing Bible studies toward the vision
  • designing retreats and programs toward the vision
  • creating a theme, graphic, and tagline to focus us on the vision

You can join the facebook group HERE.

Feel free to mention this FB group to PWOCers everywhere.
We love having a dynamic group of ladies representing the different branches and sizes of PWOC groups, whether long-time or newly established groups, etc.  

Let’s pray about getting started and seeking the Lord’s direction for Vision Articulation at the Hub!!  We start February 11, 2018.