I had a different post planned for this time of year. It was going to be about how our youngest of five children is a high school Senior and how much emotion that has brought about in our lives. All of the lasts…cap and gown photos, ordering announcements, planning the party at the house for the family and friends, the graduates’ luncheon at church, finishing up all the admissions checklist for the new college, tons of rehearsals for the many theater performances including spring musical, plans for prom, and then the baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies. All. The. Last. Things. And that post was going to be a hard one for this mom of five with the last kid who has struggled with ADHD and all academic matters but has found his strengths in theater. His academic journey has been a long one, and we have been cheering him on for that glorious day when he walks across the stage to receive the diploma.

Enter new disease to the planet.

And now the world is different than it was a week or a month ago.
His school is closed through the end of March, but we’re waiting for word on all the other cancellations. I know it’s coming. But he doesn’t say it outloud although he probably knows it as well.

The college son is also home for the rest of the semester as he works on all coursework online, excluding his time in the classroom for his Education classes.
We’re a family of four again for the duration of the quarantine, and we have no idea how long this will continue.

Who does?

Except our great God Who is sovereign and not at all surprised about what’s going on on His planet or with His people.

So. MOCA Moms and everyone else. This is a good time to pray. The best time to pray. We’ve prayed about many things over the years. Finances, grades, safety when driving, relationships, and so many aspects that makes a young person independent.

Continue to pray with other like-minded, same-seasoned Moms, but this time, it’ll be not in the same place. Continue to practice social distancing (the phrase-of-the-year) and all of the washing, and continue to pray. If you can pray over the phone or a video platform of any kind, that is best since gatherings are being cancelled worldwide.

Our students (and their families) need the comfort and direction of Almighty God during these trying times. They will have losses of many memorable events as they finish high school and throughout their college years. This is a personal one for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you. Pray for and trust in God’s loving and eternal will. If you think about it, feel free to share your story with The Hub @ PWOC and on your Facebook story with #classof2020.

God bless you as you navigate the new normals with this worldwide health crisis and the many ways it is impacting our families and communities.

Melinda Hemphill
Sharpsburg, Georgia