One Process Fits Many


Each of our installations across the globe are so different from each other, it would be impossible (and ineffective) to implement a “one-size-fits-all” approach to vision, theme, tagline, graphic, etc.  Those tools are to help us focus on the unique needs of our local installation.  But we can have a “one-size-fits-many” approach for our tools of vision, theme, etc.

So, consider the five completed processes below, then go to the poll and choose the ONE process you believe best fits many of our PWOCs around the world.  We’ll create a collaborated vision, theme, tagline, and graphic from that process.

Mouse over each process and click to enlarge if needed.
Choose which one that most resonates with you.







Choose the process that best fits many PWOCs?

We will continue to vote until until Wednesday afternoon (April 22, 2020)