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Download The Women’s Ministry Manual HERE

Spiritual Life Overview                                                   Bible Study Selection                                            Teacher Selection

Spiritual Life General Info                                        Bible Study Selection Overview                      Teacher Selection Overview

Needs Assessment                                                   Teacher Application                                         Teacher Interview

Spiritual Life – Heart and Hand Revised                 Summer Sessions                                                 

Spiritual Health of Board Members                          Evening Studies

Devotional Guidelines Sample                                 Ordering Books

Devotions                                                                   Participant Profile Sheet

                                                                                    Spiritual Checkup

                                                                                    Signing Up Ladies For Classes

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Private Networking Groups for PWOC Board Positions

• These groups are designed to be networking resources with other ladies serving in those positions throughout the military.
•Ladies serving in those positions navigate to those pages and request to join the group. They will be asked where you serve and who you are replacing so that the admin team can keep up with all the changes at once.

                                                                                                                                                                  Need A Mentor?
Spiritual Life Facebook Networking Group                                                                                          PWOC WOW Factor
                                                                                                                           “Connecting women of wisdom with PWOC participants”

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Teacher Training Tools

Basic Teacher Training                                                          First Day Of Class                                                    Participant Profile Sheet

PWOC Basics                                                                         Class Structure                                                         Class Agreement

Preparing A weekly Lesson Plan                                          Creating A Learning Environment                          Bible Study Evaluation

Teacher Training                                                                    Connecting With Students                                       Referring To The Chaplain

Sustaining A Learning Environment                                    Adult Learning Styles                                               Prayer Request Log

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Helping Care Group Leaders

                                 Team Time Booklet                                                                         Team Time Booklet (revised @ Ft Polk) & First Day

                                                                                                                                           with Small Group Booklet (2nd half of document)

                                     T.E.A.M.TimeBookletPic                                                                                                          TEAM guide, all pgs, spring 2013, Polk Pic 2

                                 T.E.A.M. Time                                                                 T.E.A.M. Time Booklet and First Day Booklet with leader notes

Care Group Leader Information Sheet 

Care Group Participant Profile Sheet

First Day With Your Care Group

Care Group Guidelines

10 Reasons To Retain Confidentiality

Care Group Covenant

Handy Dandy Digital Attendance  created by Crystal Campbell

Helpful Articles

5 Tips For Bible Memory – Desiringgod.org

5 Threats To Healthy Small Groups – smallgroups.com

Tips For Facilitating A Group Discussionsmallgroups.com

5 Questions for Choosing Bible Study Material for Women’s Groups – thegospelcoalition.org

3 Ways to Incorporate Group Prayer into Your Bible Study – thegospelcoalition.org

Gifted For Leadership

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